Saucers Tea Company LLC was founded by Jennifer Kinnamon in 2019.

After finishing her bachelor’s degree in 2013, Jennifer moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and became a small business owner.  It was during that time, she met Manuel and they decided to become a family.

In 2018 Jennifer and Manuel decided to move their family to Orangevale, CA where the idea for a tea company started to brew. Jennifer has always loved tea and having afternoon tea parties with her mother. After a few afternoon teas her passion for tea and the idea for a tea business grew into a more serious commitment and now her passion for tea has turned into a business.

Her love of tea and the many varieties tea offers has been Jennifer’s favorite part of starting Saucers Tea Company. Saucers Tea Company hopes to bring people together to taste the many delightful flavors of tea in a warm relaxing and fun atmosphere.